Newborn and Milestones

I know first hand how fast moments like these go, before you know it these precious little babes will begin to giggle, coo and grow into our favorite tiny humans. As much joy as it gives us to watch them grow, we'd love for them to stay this little forever. The Newborn and Milestone Experience allows us to freeze time just enough to remember these dainty little fingers and soft baby skin, it allow us to go back in time and remember just how small they felt in our arms and to capture each phase as it passes.

Fleeting moments captured forever

A mix between lifestyle and posed we create a memorable experience for your growing family. These sessions are in your home. I bring all the things to you.

+access to my client closet
+Option to shoot outdoor or in studio
+50 photos included
+Family photo included up to 6 people.

Investment: $650+tax

*Can shoot in studio for additional fee.

Capturing the most talked about milestones from your maternity to their first birthday!

+Sessions for maternity(mini), newborn, 6 month, 1st Birthday
+access to my client closet
+Option to shoot outdoor or in studio
+Professionally edited photos
+Family photo included up to 6 people.

Investment: $1,699+tax

This collection captures the entire first year without missing a beat. 

+Sessions for maternity, newborn, mini 3 month, 6 month, mini 9 month, and 1st Birthday
+access to my client closet
+Option to shoot outdoor or in studio
+Professionally edited photos
+Family photo included up to 6 people.
+First year leather album

Investment: $2,599+tax

Bump to Birthday

Newborn Session

Everything in Between

Newborn + Milestone Collections

Individual Maternity and Milestones 

Individual milestones may be purchased at anytime.
 Included is a
+25 minute session
+access to client closet
 +15 professionally edited photos. 

Investment: $400 + tax

How long do newborn sessions last?
My philosphy is hope for 1.5 hours and expect up to 3. Each baby is so different, some super sleepy and some not but we definitely want them to be calm and content while photographing. 

What's provided for baby?
Everything, I supply all the wraps and props for baby. If you do however find something you want to incorporate please send me what you have and I will plan accordingly!

Does Dad have to stay the whole time?
No, I realize these sessions can get long so once dad is no longer needed in the photos he is more than welcome to walk around downtown or head back to whatever he has going on. 

Why do I have to feed my baby once I get there?
It's best to feed the baby once you arrive at the studio to make sure their bellies are completely full. We want them asleep if possible for the session and feeding them till their hearts content right before we start works the best. 

Can siblings come with?
Yes, absolutely. The expectation is that when the kiddos aren't in the photos they must be quiet for the remaining part of the session. Often times, families bring an extra hand and walk around downtown with them when they are done. Otherwise bring an activity for them to do when they are not in photos. 

How long will it take to get photos back?
It takes approximately 3-6 weeks to get your photos back. However you will definitely get sneak peaks before then.


Can I wear a gown that is rented?
I do have rental options available for you however rentals typically will be at the clients expense. Please message me if interested in a rental.

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