I'm Mariah! I am tomboy at heart, I used to love playing down by the swamp and most days would come home barefoot, covered head to toe in dirt. I am the youngest of three and have two older sisters The people closest to me would say that you can tell I’m the youngest (whatever that means). I earned several nicknames over the years, one being hamburger helper due to the enormous amount of bug bite scabs I had on my legs. I know, GROSS. However, my favorite nickname was Rabbit. It was given to me by my Dad because I had so much energy as a kid. So much that I would walk on the edge of a path that had boiling hot springs below it and run from my mom, over and over again. Yes, I eventually earned a leash after running off numerous times; I think I turned out okay though. To put my energy to use my parents signed me up for basketball in the 3rd grade. Let’s be honest, at the time, the idea of me becoming a collegiate basketball player was not on their radar as I skipped up and down the court with very little coordination. Half of the time I was pretending to be horse because they were my favorite animal in the whole world, and still are today. From as young as I can remember I always wanted a horse. I had no fear of the ginormous animals which totally freaked my mom out. Horses taught me a lot about hard work and how to work with something much bigger than myself. My farm girl side meshed well with my basketball side as I eventually was offered a scholarship to play collegiate basketball at South Dakota State University. My initial visit was surreal but also SO embarrassing to look back upon as I wore Jordan gear from head to toe and YES I wore a chain….. My best friend will attest that she was pretty intimidated by my attire but eventually she warmed up to me. For four years I played center and was often matched with people much taller than I. College basketball taught me a lot about perseverance, work ethic and teamwork.

It was in college where I would meet my now husband, photograph my first wedding, quit brushing my hair and begin to understand what my dad meant when he said, “Mariah, you’re an entrepreneur, you’re never going to work for someone that long.” I tried to prove him wrong but eventually realized, I was the daughter of a "serial entrepreneur" as my sister likes to put it, and that it was in my blood too. I picked up a camera long before I ever realized I would become a photographer. I documented some of my favorite moments as a kid, learned what a selfie was, and photographed one of my teammates weddings. When I realized that I was documenting the in between moments of my own life, I realized I wanted to do the same for others. Now, here I am with a dream to document the most incredible moments of our lives with the hope that you can cherish them for the rest of your’s.

Hey Gorgeous!


"Capturing the places, people and moments where you love and Feel loved by others."

I travel to Texas every year with my mom and sisters to go antiquing. It's the greatest week of the year. 

I live in the great state of South Dakota and my favorite place on Earth is the Badlands and Black Hills which happens to only be 5 hours away from me. 

I have a pretty weird family but I love them to death.

Hey there! I'm Mariah. My name actually means the wind which I think describes me pretty well. I definitely follow my own path and I' m a free spirit to my core.

Fun Facts

My husband is named Charles and I own the cutest springer spaniel named Jackson.